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To help make the most out of your appointment and take some of the guess work out of your planning, we have put together a few of the most commonly asked questions. 

  • How soon should I start looking for my wedding gown?
    It is never too soon or late to start shopping. Our selection of special order gowns take 3 - 6 months to arrive. But if you do not have this much time before your wedding, we also have 200 gowns available to buy off the rack the very day you are shopping; how exciting is it to leave with your perfect gown in hand! In most cases alterations are needed to get your gown fitting perfect. While all seamstresses timelines are a little different, we recommend allowing 1.5 - 2 months for alterations.
  • What the difference between special order and designer sample sale/off the rack gowns?
    Special order gowns: these are gowns that are made to order for you. We carry several designer gowns that if you fall in love with them and need a different size and/or color (or just want one that is shiny new just for you) we can have the designer cut a new one. The gowns are typically not pre-cut sitting in a warehouse and as such have a production time of 3 - 6 months depending on the designer. Although the gown is made to order for you, it is not a custom cut to your measurements. Measurements are used to determine best fit on the size chart. Designer sample sale/off the rack gowns: These are the gowns in our shop that you are trying on. An off the rack gown is available for you to try on and purchase on the spot. As they are sample gowns, the are discounted up to 70% off designers regular special order pricing. The gowns we carry are designer sample gowns not pre-loved consignment. They have been used for try on purposes, but have never been worn for another brides wedding or pre-altered.
  • What is the price range of your dresses?
    We offer both off the rack and special order gowns. Our off the rack gowns range from $600 - $2000, whereas our special order gowns are $1300 - $2500.
  • Do you charge for an appointment or have a cancelation fee?
    No! We feel appointment and cancelation fees add stress. Come see us free of charge. Found your gown before making it our way? We will be sad to not have the chance to help you in your dress journey however, we are so glad that you found the perfect gown for your big day- all we ask is for a simple call/text to let us know.
  • How many guests can I bring to my appointment?
    While our hearts are big, our store is smaller. Our bridal viewing area consists of 2 chairs and a loveseat. The loveseat can comfortably fit 2 people, but if you don't mind sitting a little snugger it can sometimes seat 3. Therefore, we can allow each bride to bring up to 4 - 5 guests.
  • Do you have plus sizing available?
    YES, YES, YES!!!! We strongly believe in size inclusivity. While we don't have all sizes available for each style, we proudly carry gowns ranging from bridal size 6-26.
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    We recommend that you wear a nude bra and underwear (neon blue ones can show through some gowns and distract). Bringing photos of gowns you like will also help your stylist have a better understanding of your personal esthetic. We are also a shoe free zone (it's how we keep our sample dresses nice and clean), so we recommend that everyone coming brings socks/slippers. But the top recommendations we can make are... bring your hype team with you, guests that can appreciate your vision and won't push to you buy something that isn't 100% you. And #1 is your fabulous smile :)
  • Are alterations required and are they an extra cost?
    In most cases alterations are required to make your gown fit you perfectly. For special orders, measurements are used to determine the best fit on the size chart- the gown is not custom made to your measurements. Off the rack gowns can often be bought 1 size small to 2 sizes big and be altered to fit. Alterations are not included in the price of the gown as the needs of each bride vary. You are free to use which ever seamstress you prefer, that said we can hook you up with one of our preferred seamstresses. Depending on if you are using our preferred Calgary or Cochrane seamstress average alterations can range from $400 - $700.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    In order to provide an intimate and relaxed environment, all shopping is by appointment only. This allows us to fully focus our attention on our bride.
  • Do you have parking and are you wheel chair friendly?
    We have a full parking lot. We are located on a second floor but there is an elevator.
  • What is a trunk show?
    A trunk show is when a designer sends us addition gowns that aren't normally in our boutique to try on for a limited time (usually just one weekend). During these events they allow us to offer event only pricing on their special order gowns.
  • Do you take gowns on consignment?
    No, the sample sale gowns we sell are designer demo gowns not pre-loved consignment.
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